alt.options is a blog about alternative options. Follow me as we blaze our own trail through technology rather than simply following the masses; for we refuse to be lemmings! We aren’t content to follow, lets lead others to a better way.

The blog is geared toward newer users of Linux, and especially users of Mandriva my preferred distribution.

I have used Linux in my personal life exclusively for a few years, I am NO expert, I remain and will always be an eager student trying to expand my knowledge base. My intentions behind starting this blog is exactly that; to increase my understand through trying to teach others. The other benefit to me will be pushing the boundaries of my knowledge, I look forward to providing myself a more focused education; not only in regards to *nix, but my command of language, hopefully I’ll obtain some sort of writing skill along the way as well as learning the ability to teach others.

I doubt many will stumble across my little existance on the web, but if they do I hope to be of some value. This is my contribution back to the community that has provided me with so much joy; and the child like excitement of learning something new, but most of all; the freedom – it’s priceless.

alt. options is dedicated to all those that toil daily making GNU/Linux, FOSS the great entity it is; from the coders/hackers, to those that devote time helping others, to new users looking for a better way, to the community in general and the philosophy that guides us. – Thank YOU –

Regards =)


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