GNUMP3d – Streaming Music

28 11 2007

Stream your music easily with GNUMP3d.

Install GNUMP3d with:

sudo urpmi gnump3d

Now we just need to edit a few things in the config file:

[located @ /etc/gnump3d/gnump3d.conf].

Lets create a backup of the original config file withthe following command in konsole:

sudo cp /etc/gnump3d/gnump3d.conf /etc/gnump3d/gnump3d.conf_backup

There are few things that need to be changed in the config file; set the root directory that your music is located in, the user name, access port and restrict access by IPs (and/or also create a password file in the music directory).

We’ll need root privileges to edit the config file so start kwrite with the following command in konsole:

kdesu kwrite /etc/gnump3d/gnump3d.conf

Find and replace the following in the config file:

root = /home/mp3 [replace /home/mp3 with the correct path for your music directory]

user = gnump3d [replace gnump3d with user that owns the music files]

<optional> port = 8888 [Replace 8888 with any port you wish]

<optional> allowed_clients = all [Replace all with the IP address or Ranges you wish to restrict access to]

The server needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect, issue the following command in konsole:

sudo /etc/init.d/gnump3d restart

<optional> Create a password file in the music directory named .password using the following format username:password example: gnump3d:music [note: the password file has to be readable to the user the server is running as]. Once the password file is set, users will be required to enter the user name and password to access the web interface. The user name, password will not be required to play any of the m3u once they’re downloaded.

Password Prompt

The last thing we’ll need to do, is to allow lan traffic thru the designated port in shorewall. [ add 8888/tcp to other ports under the advance section of the firewall setup in the Control Center] No other action is required assuming we aren’t allowing wan access; if that is desired; port forward the designated port in your router.

Enjoy Streaming your tunes ;-)


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5 responses

11 12 2007

Were you able to password protect your GNUMP3d server (with .password file) and still stream to Amarok? It seems as though Amarok isn’t able to handle the HTTP authentication request required by GNUMP3d. Amarok never prompts for a password.

2 01 2008
alt options

Sorry for the late response gerb ;-) I had thought I left this blog on ‘private’ as I didn’t have time to contribute anything to it, so I hadn’t checked it in a while. I guess I left it on public, I posted something today and just saw your comment – so I’m just responding now. :-(

I access the GNUMP3d server through by browser and then save the playlist, rather than playing it with the browser. I then open the m3u file with amarok, and everything works fine, I haven’t had any issues yet. ;-)

22 02 2008

I have followed the provided instructions but am still unable to get a prompt for a password. Any Suggestions ?

22 02 2008
alt options

Hi Justin;

Just to clarify, is the only issue with the password prompt? Normal access is fine?

Off the top of my head and without knowing your specifics, two things to double check would be the file name [don’t forget the . ] it’s a hidden file — .password. Also make sure the password file is in the right location, the root of the music directory.

30 06 2009

gnump3d 3.02 gets rid of the password functionality, it was causing an insecurity in the application. 3.02 has no password but is able to be totally controlled by its owner. The security comes in knowing the correct port number (which you should change) and knowing your ip address especially is its dynamic.

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